Do you have to deal with an extremely selfish person every day?


Do you feel you have almost lost your identity because you give in to them all the time?


Are you frustrated, bitter, and angry because you have done everything to try to keep the peace and nothing has worked?


Did you answer YES!!! to at least one of the questions above?

Hi, I’m Cathy Deaton.

It is no accident that you have arrived on this page. You are looking for answers to a serious problem – one that threatens to take over your life and change it forever. It is easy to lose your own identity when you always give in to the demands of a selfish person just to keep the peace.

But you never really HAVE TRUE PEACE. It’s like a “stressful calm” before the storm that you know will come – you just do not know when the storm will come and how severe it will be.

I want to be upfront and tell you that this Handbook is written from a biblical perspective because I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and believe He is the only way to Heaven.

But the Handbook comes from my own experiences of dealing with people on a daily basis who only wanted their own way and didn’t care what I thought or how I felt. They just wanted to get their way all the time, even when that way was wrong.

It was an extremely hard time for several years, but as I gradually learned to apply the principles in this Handbook I was able to stand my ground and start to regain the identity I had almost lost.

If the selfish person in your life uses physical violence against you, please get help as quickly as possible. This Handbook is specifically for verbal words and non-violent selfish actions. I know from personal experience that words can hurt, but my physical health was never in question.


In my case, the quote below perfectly sums up my experience with a selfish person:

Hurt people hurt people. People hurt others as a result of their own inner strife and pain. -Will Bowen-

The person I had to deal with was very angry and very hurt at the things others had done to him in the past. But those people were no longer around, so he took out his anger and frustration on anyone who happened to be around him in the present.

There are many degrees of selfishness with no way to fit each degree into a neat little category. Most people find their own way to deal with someone who is occasionally selfish or is only selfish in a certain area. And most of the time it is not extremely difficult to be around them. You can excuse and forgive their actions if it only happens every now and then. We are all probably a little selfish in at least one area of our lives.

But when a person is extremely selfish in every area of their life, you need to interact with them in a different way that can help them eventually see the truth about who they have become. Then hopefully they will be so miserable in their state of anger and frustration that they will desire to become a different person.

I am not a professional counselor or therapist, but this Handbook came about through much prayer and intercession. I was desperate for answers and the Holy Spirit showed me the right way to handle critical situations so my actions were pleasing to God. The selfish person won’t always agree with your actions, but you will know you have done the right thing and can start to regain your identity.

I had given in to “keep the peace” for so long that I felt extreme guilt when I first started to stand my ground. Satan loves heaping guilt on a person as long as they will carry it. I had talked myself into believing that if I did what was necessary to keep peace at all costs, things would eventually get better. Instead, they got worse, as is usually the case when you think you can fix something by hoping it will miraculously get better on its own.

This Handbook is 11 pages of powerful information that can change your life. You can’t fix the other person or force them to see the truth. But you can apply these powerful principles to your own life and regain the identity that you have lost. Then hopefully the selfish person will start to see the truth and get tired of being in their state of bitterness and frustration.

This HANDBOOK is 11 pages of powerful information that can change your life! So what is it worth to you to be able to change your life?


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This Handbook contains some very powerful information:

  • Learn many of the characteristics of an extremely selfish person (of course if you are reading this you probably already know at least some of them)
  • Learn how not to lose your own identity in the process of dealing with the other person
  • Learn ways you can look at things from their point of view. This will help you to understand their actions better, plus it will help you to take a stand without being totally consumed with guilt.
  • Learn how to pray on a regular basis for God to deal with their heart. Prayer is a very powerful weapon that can truly change things for the better.

I had a hard time understanding the power of “being sandpaper to another person,” but understanding it was a huge turning point for me. I was able to stand for what I knew was right without letting guilt control my actions.

I can pretty much promise you that there will be some rough days ahead (at least in the beginning) when you start to stand for the right thing.

If you were the selfish person, got your way all the time, and the other person always gave in to what you wanted, wouldn’t you be upset if they stopped?


This 11 page Handbook can change your life. So what is it worth to you to be able to change your life?

It can help you regain the right perspective to get back your identity which you may have almost totally lost by now!

Don’t lose your chance to become “sandpaper” to another person and see how God can change your life and hopefully theirs in the process.


Pay with PayPal or any major credit card. Your information is safe and secure!


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