Are you in a situation that requires you to be in the presence of a person who is extremely selfish on a regular basis?


Do you feel you have almost lost your identity because you give in to them all the time?


Are you frustrated, bitter, and angry because you have done everything to try to keep the peace and nothing has worked?

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

From: Cathy Deaton

Dear Friend,

It is no accident that you have arrived on this page. You are looking for answers to a serious problem – one that may be threatening to take over your life and change it forever. I want you to know from the start that I am a Christian, so this is written from a biblical perspective.

You can still benefit from reading the book if you are not a Christian, but the benefits will not be as great. The true Christian can walk in much power over the enemy Satan, so non-Christians will only be able to use the practical knowledge therein. You can still get a lot of understanding, but I want you to understand that the benefits will not be as great.

There are many degrees of selfishness and there is no way to fit each degree into a neat little category. Most people can find their own way to deal with someone who is occasionally selfish or is selfish in a certain area if the rest of their actions are pretty normal, plus it is not extremely difficult to be around people like this. You can excuse their actions if it only happens every now and then.


This eBook is written expressly for dealing with the person who is consistently selfish and thinks of themselves first in almost every situation.


If this person uses physical violence against you, please get help as quickly as possible. This eBook is for the person who must deal with a person who may say hurtful things, but is non-violent.

I am not a professional counselor or therapist and have written this eBook out of my own experiences. Through much prayer and intercession, the Holy Spirit has shown me how I need to handle the situations that arise in my life in a way that is pleasing to God. He has shown me that I am to be obedient to what He tells me to do even though someone else does not understand or agree with what I am doing some of the time.

I had to get over the extreme guilt I felt when I stood my ground and didn’t give in when I knew that I was doing the right thing. Satan absolutely loves heaping guilt on a person as long as they will carry it. I had talked myself into believing that if I did what was necessary to keep peace at all costs, things would eventually get better. Instead, they got worse, as is usually the case when you think you can fix something by hoping it will miraculously get better on its own.

This eBook is powerful reading that gets straight to the point without any fluff or filler. I know you are very busy and I don’t want to waste even one minute of your time.


If you are like me, though, you will spend as long as you need to find an answer to a problem that can show you how to change your life.

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You can also read this easily on just about any eBook Reader or Tablet, and almost all computers now recognize the PDF format automatically.

If yours doesn’t, you can download a free PDF Reader from that will work perfectly.


You don’t have to pay a huge amount to find something that can really make a difference in your quality of life.

It’s a short 9 pages and will be quick to read, but will take a little longer to put into action. It will be worth it, though, if you take it seriously and make the choice to implement changes.

This eBook contains some very powerful information:

  • I will tell you many of the characteristics of an extremely selfish person (of course if you are reading this you probably already know at least some of them)
  • I show you how not to lose your own identity in the process of dealing with the other person
  • Then I show you ways you can learn to look at things from their point of view. This will help you to understand their actions better, plus it will help you to take a stand without being totally consumed with guilt.
  • Lastly, I show you how to pray on a regular basis for God to deal with their heart. Prayer is a very powerful weapon that can truly change things for the better.


When you can get yourself out of the way and let God use you to become  “sandpaper” to them, it forces them to see their own behavior.


It is this part that I had such a hard time understanding, but when I finally did it was the turning point for me in being able to stand up for what I knew was the right thing to do without letting guilt control my actions.

I can pretty much promise you that there will be some rough days ahead (at least in the beginning) when you start to stand for the right thing.

If you were the selfish person and got your way all the time and the other person always went out of their way to make sure you were happy, wouldn’t you be upset if they stopped?

It is definitely God’s plan for you to walk in obedience to His plans for your life. He doesn’t want you to let anything or anyone stop you from doing that.


This eBook is short, but it is packed full of good information that I know will help you to regain the right perspective on life and be able to have the peace and joy you have been missing.

Just skip one lunch at a fast-food restaurant and take less than 30 minutes of your time to read something that can change your life if you put its principles into practice!

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Pay with PayPal or any major credit card. Your information is safe and secure!

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